Byron King and Jack Lifton discuss Scandium’s bright future with Peter Cashin of Imperial Mining

In this episode of Critical Minerals Corner, Jack Lifton and Critical Minerals Corner Co-Host & InvestorIntel Columnist Byron King are joined by Peter Cashin, President and CEO of Imperial Mining Group Ltd. (TSXV: IPG | OTCQB: IMPNF) to discuss “miracle metal” scandium and how Imperial Mining is positioned to become the “largest scandium producer in the world…”

Byron King pointed out that Russia is one of the primary sources of scandium, and he went on to highlight the supply chain concerns for scandium because of the current Ukraine-Russia conflict and sanctions against Russia. Speaking about the lack of sustainable supply of scandium, Peter Cashin went on to provide an update on Imperial Mining’s Crater Lake Scandium‐REE Project in Québec. Peter also provided an update on Imperial Mining’s collaboration with Eck Industries to prototype a scandium-aluminum battery box for a global automotive manufacturer.

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