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Talga now moves to cement graphene and graphite customer relations

Getting a mining project off the ground is a long, hard slog. And it is almost always achieved largely without […]

Largo boosts reserves as analyst predicts vanadium bounce

In mining, as in almost everything, it is a matter of timing. In times of depressed confidence, exploration and development […]

Mining giant may gain “Superman” lithium powers

Just imagine if half of the world’s lithium carbonate market was controlled by only two companies. At this stage, 30% […]

Lithium and Zimbabwe: a heady brew

In 1980 The Times of London reported from the newly independent Zimbabwe (it had once been the British colony of […]

Australia, China cleantech companies star on markets

CleanTech companies not only appeal for their technologies — they also seem to be seen by some investors as a good […]

Iran moving into rare earths space as part of mining push

Late last year Bloomberg reported plans in Teheran that, if successful, could mean Iran earning more cash from mining than […]

China – the great disrupter of commodities markets (and not in a good way)

Another China drama is unfolding (on top of their $30 trillion corporate debt time-bomb, that is). This time it’s wild […]