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The era of electric transportation has arrived – EVs boom and ICE gloom

Electric vehicles (EVs) are set to play an important role in reducing global pollution by offering a more energy efficient […]

The Dixie Chicks Serenade the CRTC on CASL

The weeks went by and spring turned to summer, And summer faded into fall. And it turns out he was […]

InvestorIntel – Relationship Manager

Do you have experience in the public markets? Are you an extravert with excellent communication skills, both written and spoken? […]

China pushes graphite plans at advanced materials meeting

The Chinese news agency Xinhua sent out an intriguing, but short-on-detail, report this week. It quoted one E. Zhongqi, president […]

Cruz Capital looks to grab promising ground as cobalt frenzy about to explode

Search Google News for “cobalt exploration” and you’ll find scant information. That’s about to change, and Cruz Capital Corp (TSXV: […]

Rare earths search picks up as focus back on need for new supplies

Feel that? “That” is a sudden shift in the ground under the rare earths. In fact, Dudley Kingsnorth, speaking at […]

Silver’s cleantech appeal burnished by solar power boom

If you think about silver these days, you have to build into that thinking the metal’s growing role as a […]