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Vital Metals is now the second rare earths concentrate producer in North America

Vital Metals initial rare earth oxide concentrate production is proving successful in Canada’s NWT’s It has been a very busy […]

GEMC’s Mitchell Smith on the ‘megatrend opportunity’ in the battery metals supply chain

In a recent InvestorIntel interview, Chris Thompson speaks with Mitchell Smith, President, CEO, and Director of Global Energy Metals Corporation […]

ZEN Graphene Solutions Moving Rapidly Ahead in Covid Detection and Protection

Two enormous areas of interest nowadays are the ‘rapid detection’ and the ‘prevention’ of Covid-19 infections. Today’s company has recently […]

Significant Early Results in Energy Metals at Murchison Minerals’ HPM Project in Quebec

Three of the most valuable green energy metals are cobalt, nickel and copper. Their current LME prices are – cobalt […]

Neo Performance Materials becomes the West’s First Profitable Total Rare Earths’ Supply Chain Company

Investors love companies that under promise and over deliver. Today’s company is a classic example as it continues to grow […]

A First-Class Growing Tin Producer in South Africa

Did you know that tin is on the list of U.S critical minerals? Many investors know very little about tin, […]

China is winning the war for the future.

The perennial key geopolitical and geoeconomics issues of the conflict among nation-states over the allocation of scarce critical natural resources […]

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