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Asset Class Winners and Losers if Russia Invades Ukraine

As Russian troops gather at the Ukraine border a war looks imminent. U.S intelligence has warned that Russia is likely […]

Critical Material Corner experts debate one of the most important minerals for sourcing rare earths

In this episode of Critical Materials Corner, InvestorIntel Editor-in-Chief & Publisher Jack Lifton and Geologist and Newsletter Writer Byron King […]

Investing in the market’s volatility: Bristow’s Puts and Calls

Note from the Publisher: We asked writer Dean Bristow to diarize his day in the market for our reader’s pleasure. […]

China’s Rare Earth Industry’s Big Advantage is not Just in Mines

China’s Real Rare Earth Infrastructure is based on a dedicated, and educated, specifically Experienced, and Skilled rare earth industrial and […]

Critical Materials Corner, Jack Lifton and Byron King discuss the coming War for Green Energy

In this episode of the Critical Materials Corner, Tracy Weslosky is joined by Critical Materials’ industry expert and InvestorIntel Editor-in-Chief, […]

Circling the theory of an EV revolution, Lifton takes on the ‘dumbest assumption of the greens’

The “law” of supply and demand is in reality an academic ideal “model” that only works in a prescribed universe […]

Energy Rundown: 2022, A New Year of Living Dangerously

“The chaos will only intensify,” said the CEO of Saudi Aramco, Amin Nasser. As in, oil markets are chaotic now […]

Matt Bohlsen’s Top picks in defense, aviation, and related ETFs for 2022

As we start 2022 one area of concern is global geopolitical uncertainty. In particular, Russia continues to threaten Ukraine, and […]

Investors in Technology Metals for EVs, Be Very Careful What You Wish For in 2022

The one-dimensional talking heads (aka, the elected officials, lifetime appointed bureaucrats, and academic “advisors” who make their decisions based upon […]

Matt Bohlsen’s Top 3 stock picks for 2022’s EV Boom

2021 was a landmark year for electric vehicles (EVs) with global sales likely to end about 100% higher at around […]

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