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Mr Mackowski is a qualified engineer in mineral processing with over 30 years technical and operational experience in rare earths, uranium, industrial minerals, nickel, kaolin and iron ore. He has also provided metallurgical services to a number of major mining companies including, Iluka, TiWest, WMC, Comalco, Hamersley Iron and Mary Kathleen Uranium Ltd. Mr Mackowski is Senior Consultant at his consultancy, PDCA Management Services P/L where a range of risk, safety, environment, quality and business excellence frameworks are available to assist mining and processing projects to achieve excellence in all facets of the business. In recent times, Mr Mackowski has spent 10 years in developing rare earths opportunities. Firstly at Arafura Resources Limited, where he was responsible as the General Manager, Project Development for the Nolans rare earths Project. Then more recently at Hastings Rare Metals Limited, where he was responsible as Technical Director for the Hastings heavy rare earths Project and the Yangibana rare earths Project. An extensive range of other rare earths experiences have been aggregated into a solid and sound approach to the development of rare earths opportunities worldwide.

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