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Founder and President of Clarke Energy Consulting Inc. since 2004, John has over 35 years of international experience in industry and financial services for the energy sector. An entrepreneur, John has over the last decade and a half held the following roles: Vice President, Business Development for CGX Energy Inc.; Founder, Director and Executive VP of Candax Energy Inc.; and Founder and Director of Enviromena Power Systems Inc. After 20 years with the Texaco group of companies in exploration and corporate planning, entered the financial services sector as an Oil & Gas Analyst with Deutsche Bank Canada, where he built the Canadian O&G research group and integrated it within the global energy sector platform. Following the exit of Deutsche Bank from the Canadian Equities market, John spent 4 years with smaller, full service, Canadian brokerage boutiques, covering Canadian small cap international E&P companies. Voted by Forbes/Starmine as the top North American Oil & Gas analyst two years running (2003 and 2004), John is now semi retired and trying to balance his attempts to write a biographical fiction with withdrawal symptoms from the investment community and increasing fear of geopolitical dangers linked to the Great Game. For more information go to ClarkeEnergyConsulting.com

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