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Jack Lifton is the CEO for Jack Lifton, LLC and is a consultant, author, and lecturer on the market fundamentals of technology metals. Technology metals is a term that he coined to describe strategic metals whose electronic properties make our technological society possible. These include the rare earths, the platinum group metals, lithium, graphite and most of the rare metals and materials. He is on the technical advisory boards of Elcora Resources, and is also the founding co-principal of Technology Metals Research, LLC. His consulting is done through Jack Lifton, LLC, a consultancy he began in 1999 upon his retirement as the CEO of an OEM automotive supply company specializing in process chemistry and metals trading. Jack Lifton, LLC is a member of the Minor Metals Trade Association and Jack is an advisor to the Malaysian Academy of Science in Kuala Lumpur, and he is a member of that Academy’s Rare Earth Task Force. He is a member of numerous professional societies and is a frequent speaker at both professional and industry events on both the markets for technology metals and materials and on the use of new and newly applied technologies to the extraction, refining and fabrication of rare metals and materials.

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