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Eugene Gerden is an international free-lance writer, based in St. Petersburg, who specializes on writing in the field of mining, metals and rare earth metals. After graduation of the geology department of the St. Petersburg State University he worked as a senior analyst in the department of mining of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources for three years.

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Putin orders the resumption of tungsten production

January 19, 2017
| January 19, 2017 | 1 Comment

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has issued an order for the resumption of tungsten production in Russia, with the aim to […]

Kazatomprom cuts may lead to uranium shortage in global market

January 12, 2017
| January 12, 2017

Kazakhstan has announced its plans to cut uranium production by 10% this year due to current low prices in the global […]

Russian government “unhappy” with rare earth supply for defense sector

January 06, 2017
| January 06, 2017

The Russian government is unhappy with the current rates of domestic rare earth developments in their major local fields. According to the Russian Ministry […]

Russia to significantly increase domestic niobium production

December 30, 2016
| December 30, 2016 | 1 Comment

Russia plans to significantly increase the volume of domestic niobium production in the coming years, that will be achieved through […]

Global oil market at crossroads

December 02, 2016
| December 02, 2016 | 4 Comments

Yesterday’s decision of global oil-producing nations to limit and reduce the volume of production can be to some extent compared […]

Canadian investors eye huge investments in Russian oil industry

November 25, 2016
| November 25, 2016

GenOil Inc., the Canadian provider of hydroconversion fixed bed technology for upstream and downstream oil and gas industry, has announced […]