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Alister is an expert in the zirconium/hafnium industry and its expanding global markets, with a deep understanding of the critical issues in rare earths/metals supply. For more than 30 years, he’s provided market research, supply chain analysis, business development strategy and technical marketing services, in industries including advanced ceramics, mineral sands, rare metals and precursors. Applying his extensive technical knowledge, problem solving abilities and communication skills, Alister’s opened highly profitable distribution channels via my personal networks in North and South America, Europe and Asia. As General Manager Marketing of Alkane Resources, a multi-commodity mining and exploration company, Alister champions its flagship Dubbo Project – a US$1B advanced manufacturing plant, unique in Australia, producing essential High k elements for advanced technologies such as semiconductors, clean energy, electric vehicles, and automation/robotics. Products include a suite of 19 critical elements for advanced technologies for sensors and data collection, through to next generation logic processors and memory devices to process and store the data. Other key technologies include nuclear medicine for the treatment of cancers, aerospace and defence applications, and advanced glass and steel refractories. Direct engagement with product manufacturers for the supply of critical elements guarantees their compliance for sustainable and traceable supply, while reducing costs and steps in the supply chain; literally “Mine to Market”.

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