The Strength of the Beryllium Market: Defense, Automotive & Nuclear

November 30, 2012 — “Beryllium is a speciality metal that very few companies around the world are involved in it, there are some interesting applications. Its unique property is that it is very light, but a quarter of the weight of steel; but it is very strong and does not vibrate so it has some very special applications — military, automotive…” says Alastair Neill, P.Eng., who sits on the Board of Directors for IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. (TSXV:IB | OTCQX:IAALF). In this interview, Tracy Weslosky Publisher of ProEdgeWire ( asks important questions regarding the supply, technology, applications, and future demand of Beryllium. Alastair in turn provides evidence for the continual growth market in Beryllium due to a broad range of end applications, and demonstrates why IBC Advanced Alloys Corp., based on their aluminum casting technology, will remain a cost effective supplier. In addition he adds, the uniqueness of the light weight metal, limited deposits, and a small number of operational minds, ensures IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. to be paramount in the industry moving forward.

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