PDAC 2013: More Ties than Cardigans – shooting dead fish in a barrel or opportunity abounds?

Gene-Arensberg-Fishing-225x300PDAC 2013 has just come to an end and more than one person has commented to me on their liver status. I told my son early last week as I am on a health kick that I was going to attempt to not drink at this year’s event marathon and he responded with: “Mom, even the Pope drinks at PDAC.”

True, and in the spirit of this year’s revelry, the #1 resource event of this year — the annual idiot of the year maneuver is being awarded to the gentleman at the PDAC Gala, who, apparently, turned his head away from his friends only to end up projectile vomiting and ‘hitting’ a woman in a gown. As repugnant as this action was on every level, it pales to last year’s near death experience when someone literally fell over the mezzanine at a well-known downtown hotel, breaking both of his legs. While my experience was relatively uneventful I did provide two interventions at sobering up esteemed colleagues and one of my girlfriends’ husbands was held back from taking out a well-known Bay St. chap who slapped his wife on the derriere.

My PDAC perception this year was summed up most accurately by my ex investment banking partner aka “Fred” who observed that there were “more ties than cardigans” in this year’s audience. Yes indeed, there were more dealmakers on the floor than retail audience and there were more booths manned by C-level players versus booth babes and/or booth bunnies, depending on your preference.

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One of my clients sent me the article shuffling around on how about half of the 1,300 listed companies in Canada have less than $200k in working capital and suggests that they will potentially collapse if unable to secure funds in the next 3 months. Ah yes, just in time for summer – but let’s look further…

My Tuesday tour of the Investors Exchange exhibitors was cut short after I could not consistently receive qualified answers to basic investment questions. One company representative after another told me how awful last year had been. Attempting to secure qualified persons who could even nail their market cap was a challenge and I started longing for a ‘Tony Robbins style’ type with large teeth and big hair that would smile and give me a confident overstated selling style of ‘don’t you wish you could be just like me?’ Instead, I was met with earnest over explaining, mixed with confusion and, might I add, a spice of desperation: and so — I just left.

Look – adversity brings opportunity; and right now the time is ripe for those with innovative creative strategies to explore what are some unprecedented and arguably extraordinary opportunities to shine through. Starting tomorrow, I am going to run a series on opportunity leaders and am challenging our editorial team to match my picks with their own.

(Photo special thanks: Gene Arensberg, the “Vulture Stock King” and editor of the Got Gold Report)


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    • Dear CatLady – such an intriguing handle, am certain we have not seen from you here before…

      Marc called me during PDAC and explained that he wanted a few more weeks before he would do a video interview with me and provide us with a thorough update. Keep in mind that he will be presenting at the Technology Metals Summit here in Toronto April 21-22…

      You have reminded me of the meeting I did a few years ago where the lawyer from Panama arrived in a catsuit. Could you be the same one?

      • Hmmmm…that proposed timeline for Marc’s interview would be about the time the PEA is scheduled to be released, more or less. I imagine he will either be ecstatic with good news,or he will have a ot of explaining to do.

  1. Look – adversity brings opportunity; and right now the time is ripe for those with innovative creative strategies to explore what are some unprecedented and arguably extraordinary opportunities to shine through. Starting tomorrow, I am going to run a series on opportunity leaders and am challenging our editorial team to match my picks with their own.

    Tracy, I can’t wait, Sounds like a great idea for a series. Love it.

    I lived in South Boston for a long time and every St Patrick’s Day had several people that would win the “idiot of the year maneuver”. Brought back funny memories!

  2. Thank you John H. I have received some wickedly sharp emails on this piece, but this one was my favorite so far (next to the tweet from the guy in the sweater vest) —

    EXCERPT: Hey Tracy, Clip that article and put it in your scrap book with this title:

    “At the bottom of the Bear.”

    Even if it isn’t this week or this month it is so close it doesn’t matter.

    Currency debasement is not over. It is accelerating. That is the gasoline for the bull market in the Dow AND for gold/silver/copper/plat yadda yadda (and the companies that mine it) regardless if people understand it this $@!&*#!! minute.

    I just hope some of our friends can hang on until the tide is coming in. — END OF EXCERPT

    Let’s hope this mystery source is right and expect our writers to rise to this challenge! Thanks for visiting ProEdgeWire JohnH as I enjoy your comments.

  3. Tracy
    I got a big chuckle from you describing these

    Thank you… I needed a good laugh.

    Oh man… It revived some “not so good” memories.
    I used to dread attending events with my old boss.
    He thought St. Pats Day extended to 365 days a year.
    Having him as a travel partner was a given that
    we would return home with bumps and bruises due to his
    chronic, totally incorrect, drunken behavior of spreading hate and discontent…and I was declared guilty by association.

    You do realize that us born into the Male Gender have an
    inherent flaw as our emotional maturity stops at an early age.

    It takes all kinds to make up a World :)

  4. Whoa!!

    None of the numerous technical conferences I have attended over the past 25 years was anything like what you described.

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