Interview: Environmental Waste International introduces a revolutionary tire recycling technology

Kaute-WesloskyDr. Daniel Kaute, President and CEO of Environmental Waste International Inc. (‘EWS’, TSXV: EWS) speaks to Tracy Weslosky, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief from InvestorIntel about the Company’s revolutionary microwave gasification technology for tires and its considerable commercialization possibilities. Dr. Kaute is an expert in materials engineering. He is ideally suited to lead EWS in developing its technology to breakdown and recover usable and profitable by-products from tires.

Dr. Kaute explains that ‘carbon black’ is the key component of EWS’s recycling process. Carbon black “is used in the production of new tires”. The rest is used in a variety of automotive and other applications such as plastics, paint or printer toner cartridges. Dr. Kaute was keen to note that while many recycling and ‘clean-tech’ companies rely on government subsidies to keep running, EWS has the potential to run autonomously thanks to its investment and sales potential. Dr. Kaute added that EWS has “a unique technology and cleantech companies solve a problem. In our case the tire problem has been around for 100 year and nobody has offered a sustainable and viable solution”.

Therefore, EWS has targeted a very real and large problem. The technology is unique: “We have developed a technology based on microwave transformation or reverse-polymerization of vaporizing tires, or gasification of tires, returning tires back to oil, syngas, steel and carbon black. Carbon black is the most valuable material.”

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Dr. Kaute noted that Pinchin Environmental “has (recently) published a study our technology and has measured the carbon impact on the environment. The nice thing to say is that as compared to incineration, we save about 12,000 tons of CO2 equivalent per one million tires treated. What is 12,000 tons of CO2? It is the equivalent generated by electricity generation for 3,000 homes using natural gas.”

Disclaimer: Environmental Waste International Inc. is an advertorial member of InvestorIntel.

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  1. I have said it before here and I will say it again, really like the interviews. Appreciate the opportunity to get the information direct from the source and get a feel for the passion and dedication that is required to be a success. great interview Tracy with Daniel Kaute. Interesting company doing something to make the world a better place and local to the GTA, love that.

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