How a 19-year-old built a floating bed using wood and magnets

Floating-BedMay 25, 2012 (Source: Tecca) — Those adventurous enough to get quirky furniture for their homes know that they can add a lot of life and sparkle to an otherwise dreary space. Some people with deft hands and imaginative minds even go as far as to make their own. Take for example 19-year-old reddit user mememetatata, who decided one day that he wanted a floating bed… and actually built one using wood and magnets.

He originally wanted to make a hanging bed, but seeing a picture of a floating bed inspired him to make one. It took him roughly a grand to buy the necessary materials: 10 puck-sized neodynium magnets — one of the strongest rare-earth magnet variants — priced at $72 each, and $200 to $300 worth of wood. 

Five of the magnets went inside a thinner, upper wooden panel, and were positioned to repel similar poles of the other five magnets inside a larger base, effectively creating a floating bed. The almost-finished product that you can see above can float with a cargo of 250 pounds; anything more than that, and it lays flat on the base. 

When asked what it feels like to sleep on a floating bed, the redditor with a curious username replied: "Imagine sleeping on a wooden raft in a very, very still pool. Just the slightest bit of rocking and whatnot from your breathing." Check out this gallery of images to see pictures of almost every step of the process.

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[Image credit: mememetatata]

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