The Second Coming of the Market From Hell — A Good Thing

The Second Coming of the Market From Hell

Every once in awhile we do an interview here that has cross over appeal. From the Vulture Stock King himself, in an interview The Second Coming of the Market From Hell — A Good Thing Gene Arensberg aptly describes why the market conditions today may just be exactly what you want as an investor: the perfect time to buy…and that includes the rare earth sector.

June 18, 2012 — According to Gene Arensberg, Sr. Editor and Publisher of the GotGoldReport (, it’s the second coming of the market from hell; but from a Vulture point of view, it doesn’t get very much better than this. In this video, Tracy Weslosky, CEO of ProEdge Media Corp. ( interviews Gene about current market conditions and Gene teaches investors about Negative Liquidly Events and Positive Liquidity Events. Having analyzed the charts of junior resource companies, Gene explains why it’s the volatility that gives us earning power. Gene provides investors with reassuring data and technical analysis, explaining why “this is as good as it gets for Vultures, from a buying point of view…”


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Disclaimer: Tracy Weslosky is the CEO for ProEdge Media Corp. and is not licensed to
make investment recommendations. 

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Tracy Weslosky

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Tracy Weslosky is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of InvestorIntel, a leading global investment intelligence source created for the innovative and entrepreneurial minded that represents over 50 publicly listed companies globally that are listed on Tracy is also the Founder & CEO for ProEdge Media Corp., an online publishing and media production company since 2001; and is the Managing Partner for 724 Capital Corp., a business consulting firm that currently represents U.S. Rare Earths, Inc. Previously she has owned a boutique Investment Banking firm for 7 years that was the basis for a business reality television series called, DealFlow. Aired around the world for 3 years on CNBC World, WealthTV and many other networks globally; Tracy is a speaker, writer and an entrepreneur.
  1. “be exactly what you want as an investor” It would be, had I not ridden my investment horse off the rim of the Grand Canyon in a fog so thick that I still can’t see how far it is to the bottom.

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