“Start LYNAS Today.” Campaign Initiated by RareMetalBlog: LYNAS Goes on Offense with Legal Action Against Protest Groups

Start LYNAS TodayThis morning several news sources are reporting updates to recent news that Lynas Corporation Ltd. (ASX: LYC) and its Malaysian operating subsidiary Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd have filed defamation suits against two anti-Lynas groups – Free Malaysia Today and Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas. Vowing to “shut down” these groups, two separate suits were filed in the Civil High Court Registry on April 19, 2012.

Lynas’ CEO, Nick Curtis, commented that recent claims by these groups had crossed the line between debate and defamation. He added that “The specific comments we won't go into but they are, in our opinion and our legal opinion, targeted and defamatory and those comments should be shut down.”

I agree.

The quick synopsis of events is that these groups have been rallying opposition against Lynas’ Advanced Materials Processing Plant (LAMP) facility in Malaysia citing health and safety concerns for local residents. In the same effort, they have also published defamatory articles on the issue. At the forefront of these actions has been the granting and subsequent appeal of the temporary operating licence for the LAMP facility. The issue is currently pending with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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In the first suit, Lynas named MToday News Sdn Bhd as the defendant. In the second suit Lynas named SMSL Sdn Bhd (Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas) and its two directors, Tan Bun Teet and Lim Sow Teow, as the defendants. Lynas is seeking general damages and aggravated damages, costs and an injunction to restrain defendants from publishing further defamatory articles about Lynas and its rare earth processing facility in Malaysia.

Lynas has actively been dispelling various misconceptions that have been incorrectly associated with its LAMP facility despite the fact that the LAMP facility has been approved by the Malaysia’s Atomic Energy Licensing Board and the Atomic International Atomic Energy Agency.

SMSL's counsel, Datuk Bastion Pius Vendargon, commented that an ex-parte (one-side) injunction application by Lynas to restrain the defendants from further publishing defamatory articles on Lynas was scheduled to be heard today but that the court granted SMSL's application for the injunction to be heard with both parties. On May 9 for case management for parties will take place to finalise the affidavit and documents pertaining to the injunction application. After that the court will set a date to hear the injunction request.

Lynas strategically selected Malaysia at its preferred location for the LAMP facility for the following reasons:

  • Well established industrial land and infrastructure
  • Access to high grade chemical reagents
  • Good port facilities; reliable utilities
  • A clear legal framework, standards and regulations
  • Skilled, technical workforce
  • Government with a stated vision for value added industry

Tired of the propoganda and misinformation on rare earths, and a BIG supporter of LYNAS opening their 95% completed processing facility — that will provide us with an alternative rare earth supply choice, I have decided to start my own social media campaign. Along with this, we will create a petition to get this facility opened immediately and end this rhetoric. We are calling our pro-industry campaign: Start LYNAS Today. We will start a Facebook and Twitter account immediately (see below), along with a site for the petition for ourselves and you to sign and add the links below by end of today…

“Rare earths are the economic and technologic foundation of a safe and secure Nation. To possess them imparts independence, immunity to coercion, and the tools to invoke scientific advancement.” – James Hedrick

Disclaimer: Lynas Corporation Ltd. is a sponsor of RareMetalBlog. Lynas was not involved with the launch of this social media initiative or the petition on their behalf. This was the idea of our team. For more information, write info@pro-edge.com.

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  1. Count me out. It’s political and politics needs political solutions. People always go overboard in democratic politics. If money interests get courts onside, that does not prove too much, and, indeed, just makes people contemptuous of the courts. Would the Malaysian newspapers get sued if, like below, they referred to a New York Times article?
    Lynas was counting its chickens before they hatched, and their present disappointment is not a legal issue. Anyone could have told them when they started that they had a very real potential for a big political problem.

  2. Thanks Bob M.
    This is an intriguing issue, and we are onside, because we support both Lynas Corporation Ltd. and the Malaysians in opening a rare earth processing facility that will enhance global competition for the supply of rare earths. My favorite quote: “Rare earths are the economic and technologic foundation of a safe and secure Nation. To possess them imparts independence, immunity to coercion, and the tools to invoke scientific advancement.” – James Hedrick
    A reader sent me this today: “Unlike Australian law, Malaysian law dictates that companies of more than 10 employees can be defamed…Curtin University media law expert Joseph Fernandez said defamation actions were common in Malaysia especially among the rich and powerful. A former Malaysian newspaper editor, Associate Professor Fernandez said, unlike Australia, there was no cap on damages in Malaysia.”
    Did Lynas count its chickens before they were hatched? I would argue not. Malaysia is an incredible country and the government has created some of the most globally enticing tax credits and benefits to woo international business. A formula that I respect as they understand that people are happy when they have jobs to support their families.
    My question has always been — who is really behind these 2 illustrious groups. Most global enterprises that take advantage of the Malaysian incentives, prosper. Let me see if I can dig up the DEALFLOW special that aired around the world on this topic a few years ago that I produced and hosted.
    Going to weigh my hand in here and be a party towards endorsing this supply of rare earths that will increase global competition and work towards enhancing many green energy applications and technologies around the world.
    I’m in. Tracy

  3. http://www.smh.com.au/business/lynas-sues-malaysian-processing-plant-opponents-20120430-1xv11.html#ixzz1tgu9UqkE
    But the protest groups said they would fight on, and that Lynas was taking advantage of differences between the defamation laws that exist in Australia and Malaysia.
    Unlike Australian law, Malaysian law dictates that companies of more than 10 employees can be defamed.
    Curtin University media law expert Joseph Fernandez said defamation actions were common in Malaysia especially among the rich and powerful. A former Malaysian newspaper editor, Associate Professor Fernandez said, unlike Australia, there was no cap on damages in Malaysia.”
    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/lynas-sues-malaysian-processing-plant-opponents-20120430-1xv11.html#ixzz1tjPbnc1X

  4. My take remains the same: The Why within Malaysia is also the Who in Malaysia?
    China: The Lynas LAMP antagonist? Interference with Business Relations? Quid Pro Quo? “Political Suicide”? Really?
    Do the combined 2 articles listed below at least raise issues regarding the real set of motivators aggravating the emergence of non-Chinese ROW REE sources.
    In my view China: The World REE and strategic metals monopolist with ever tightening stranglehold within Chinese REE sector, is exerting pressures on the non-Chinese ROW REE upstarts.
    Has China crossed the line with regard to international laws?
    1. Has China engaged in “Interference with Business Relationships”. Case in point Lynas and Malaysian goverment?
    2. Can Chinese “infrastructure projects” et al help to nations such as Malaysia be construed in, let’s say, The World Court, as a form of bribery? Quid Pro Quo?
    3. Will legal action be justified, within Malaysia or WTO or even The Hague Criminal Court within the Netherlands?
    As always, please disagree or agree. After all I believe the world is still a relatively “free speech” kind of place?
    Could I please draw your attention to 2 passages:
    Shanghaidaily.com source: “Due to the pollution and contamination risks from the operation of rare earth processing plants, it is political suicide for governments in most parts of the world to approve the establishment of rare earth plants. In places where such plants have won conditional approval, there were protests by the local populace, as witnessed in the case of the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant in Pahang, Malaysia.”
    New Straits Times source: “Earlier, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had given the government’s assurance that the project would be scrapped if there were concrete scientific evidences supporting claims that the rare earth would have detrimental effects on health and the environment.”
    My hypothesis: China is very much involved in Malaysia opposing the smooth opening of Lynas Malaysia LAMP plant. Interference with Business Relations? Quid Pro Quo?
    1. Why does the Malaysian Parliament think they know more than the Atomic Energy Commission? They don’t. Political decision? Or economic decision muddying the Malaysian LAMP decision?
    2. “Quid Pro Quo”? Are the Chinese working their “magic”(quid pro quo) in Malaysia?
    China is a big financial player in Malaysia. Chinese infrastructure help to Malaysia is one example?
    What else is China doing to Malaysia. Lots I suspect.
    3. Lynas has not paid the 50 million yet to Malaysian government? What exactly is the stated purpose v. the actual purpose of the government requested 50 million dollars?
    Kind regards,

  5. Discovery.
    What a nice way to find out who is funding the SMSL.
    Bank records.
    Fund transfers.
    The money trail?
    Where does the money lead?
    Lawsuits can commence and lead to many avenues?
    Love Discovery?
    Love financial records?
    Their “backers”?
    The Why of it all?
    The Who of it all?
    What if China: The World’s REE and strategic metals Monopolist is “shown behind the curtain”?
    Big pay day!
    Malaysian Courts. WTO Courts. The Hague Criminal Courts?
    Actual damages?
    Punitive damages?
    Go for the “deep pockets”?
    What if Chinese Government is involved? Would 500 Billion Australian Dollars be too little to change China’s behavior?
    Kind regards,

  6. Dr. Robert Olson said in reply to Dr. Robert Olson…
    WOW. How Sweet it is!
    “Unlike Australian law, Malaysian law dictates that companies of more than 10 employees can be defamed.
    Curtin University media law expert Joseph Fernandez said defamation actions were common in Malaysia especially among the rich and powerful. A former Malaysian newspaper editor, Associate Professor Fernandez said, unlike Australia, there was no cap on damages in Malaysia.”
    To quote a great American: Jackie Gleason: “HOW SWEET IT IS”

  7. Didn’t the Chinese gov’t try to buy a majority stake in Lynas only to have the deal struck down by the Australian gov’t?
    For the past month and a half every morning I have been reading two to three papers out of Malaysia and the comments of opposition leaders and their followers about SMSL. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a smear campaign going on against Lynas. The repeated misrepresentations and twisting of facts is mind-blowing. when you mix fear, lack of information, and mob together you get historically an awful combination every time. Yes Bob, it is no doubt political. However, politics start with a voice.
    Count me in.

  8. Agree.
    Politics is about money.
    Who is funding SMSL?
    Lawsuits are about money.
    Who is bankrolling SMSL in court?
    Discovery flushes out the “rats behind the curtain”!
    Do they speak Mandarin?
    Seriously, 500 Billion Australian Dollars is if anything too low th change the Chinese Government: REE and Strategic Metals Monopolistic Ways

  9. I have nothing against a pushback political campaign by you folks and/or Lynas, but I would like to see political issues kept out of the courts, where moneyed interests always have the advantage. Good luck to your campaign. Seriously.

  10. This is Gregory, RareMetalBlog’s social media manager. We’ve just created facebook and twitter pages for the ‘Start LYNAS Today.’ initiative.
    Like and follow to show your support for both Lynas Corporation Ltd. and the Malaysians in opening a rare earth processing facility that will enhance global competition for the supply of rare earths!
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StartLYNASToday
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/StartLYNASToday @StartLYNASToday
    “Rare earths are the economic and technologic foundation of a safe and secure Nation. To possess them imparts independence, immunity to coercion, and the tools to invoke scientific advancement.” – James Hedrick

  11. Australian fears end Lynas bid
    Business | Metal
    THE China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co has dropped plans to buy a controlling stake in Australian rare earths miner Lynas Corp after Australian regulators demanded it reduce the size of the transaction. The…
    Shanghaidaily.com source

  12. As long as we fight chinese fire with western marsh mallows, we won’t get any rare earth companies started. Believe me: China is boycotting Lynas!

  13. This is all high and mighty action and talk for a company whose CEO, Nick Curtis, a year ago tried to self-deal Crown to Forge for his personal benefit and to the detriment of Lynas shareholders, and when “caught” with his hand in the cookie jar, gave it back. Yes, that Nick Curtis, CEO of Lynas, is now behind these lawsuits, and why is he still in office, because the pathetic Lynas Board of Directors didn’t fire him for his attempted misdeed. So the Lynas CEO is an attempted thief, and when caught, the board let him retain his position. The Lynas Board of Directors and its CEO have “self-defamed” and injured the reputation of Lynas, and now they’re suing someone else for defaming them? Do you trust that crook Nick Curtis, or anything he says? Do you trust that Lynas Board of Directors which did not fire Nick Curtis for his attempted theft from Lynas shareholders?
    Oh, and maybe Lynas should track me down and sue me … for telling the truth!!

  14. Well if it so clear to everyone on this board that China are the ones behind this wouldn’t that also be clear to the people in Malaysia, or at least their government officials? At least some of the people? I, like Bob M, would love to see this mess kept out of the courts but I think it is too late for that. Dr. O brought up a money trail I’d keep an eye on or for that money trail. I think it will smell like the Yuan.

  15. Veritas Bob, could I ask just a single question?
    Are you safer tonight in USA, Australia, or China?
    Are your investments safer in China or Rest of the World?
    More “checks and balances” as a shareholder of Chinese Government controlled company or an Australian or Canadian company?
    More trust in government within China or Canada?
    Oh just check out this Bo link. Did Bo miss the cut because he was not ruthless enough?

  16. I don’t trust Nick Curtis. I don’t trust Lynas. That is not to say that all the stop Lynas campaigners are meritorious and their scientific arguments valid. Where was the Lynas board when it was time to fire Nick Curtis over the Crown affair? A leopard doesn’t readily change its spots.

  17. In case my post immediately above is not clear enough, my point is that the checks and balances failed in Australia regarding the Lynas Crown affair. Yes, the ill-gotten gains were returned (or their theft not completed), but the crook went unpunished. It is absolutely shameful that Nick Curtis was allowed to remain as CEO of Lynas. Obviously, that Lynas Board of Directors was not exercising proper checks and balances over the company CEO.

  18. Nothing worthwhile is all up only. Sometimes 2 steps forward and one step back?
    Ultimately the shareholders spoke and kept Lynas on course.
    And guess what?
    Shareholders management and yes our Managing Director Mr. Nicholas Curtis are going to hit a real bonanza?
    We shareholder as well as Lynas management deserve good things after a decade or more?
    Sorry if you are not on board Bob Veritas?
    Sorry I asked 5 questions when I said answer a single question.
    Sorry, why not answer all of my questions?
    Oh, another, did you check out the calibre of Chinese leaders representative of Bo?
    Yes, hardball.
    We at Lynas are road tested and ready!

  19. Hi Gregory. Do the supporters of Lynas that are in Malaysia know about the Facebook site? If there is any way to get a link of StartLAYNASToday out to them that might increase traffic. Just a thought.

  20. I wonder if the german company that quit lynas …built there tanks or sumthin.. can be sued for defamation too .. said lynas had settleing problems and the tanks are cracking.
    acid leeching into mud through cracks in tanks = polution.

  21. at some point Lynas if/when Lynas gets the TOL then they will have to deal with the actual problems at the plant. Or.. optimistically this delay has given them time to deal with them. Then of course there is the time it takes to “tweak” the system… it is not as if you just flip a switch. Still a long way off, unfortunately for the ROW.

  22. Gregory
    Regarding the creation of your Lynas Facebook and Twitter Sites.
    I appreciate your enthusiasm and reasoning for establishing “StartLynasToday”.
    I have been “All In” on Lynas for a long time.
    However, By the creation of these sites you have stepped into the “Arena”.
    You,as a Media Professional,will have to be very careful how you construct your written words as they could have unintended consequences.
    Malaysia is undergoing Political Implosions throughout the Country.
    You do not want these Malaysian Political Groups to perceive your Site’s as
    Interloping into their National Affairs as this would further politicize the Lynas Issue. You do not want to create Unity,for the sake of Political Clout,of these Political Groups with the Lynas Opposition.
    We all want to see Lynas go into production and many of us have a lot to lose if they don’t. So,I hope that your Endeavor creates Positive Results.
    Best Wishes

  23. Great points Nevada George.
    The social media initiative is intended to be educational and pro-Malaysian.
    We are trying to show some positive support for this initiative by focusing on education. The opening of this facility will benefit all of us…

  24. hmmm… not sure if you guys realised this but mt Kellett Capital Management LP (“Mount Kellett”) is a multi-strategy investment firm focused on global distressed, special situations and opportunistic investing.
    Could Lynas be in financial distress?

  25. Good
    It is easy to inject Emotion into this when Stakeholders are “At Risk”.
    Hopefully this Lynas Opposition Saga will come to a closure.

  26. Good job Gregory Beard.
    All in favor of the light of day within Malaysia and the entire world.
    Yes I agree with my friend Nevada George.
    I trust Tracy and the entire group at RMB and pro-edge.com
    Tracy I am collecting my positive energies for numerous new comments.
    Really proud of your forward thinking.
    This is not Only about LYNAS LAMP, this fight is for all ROW rest of the world REE miners/manufacturers

  27. Appreciate your comments.
    As in all share trade, one person sells what another buys?
    2 sides to look at it?
    Some “throw away” Lynas shares at a buck?
    On the other hand, some of us believe Lynas is a 20 Billion Dollar company selling currently at about 2Billion.
    just bought more shares yesterday.

    Thorium waste in Bukit Merah « For A Better Malaysia
    I read with amusement the latest article on Mitsubishi Chemical’s recent US 100 million cleanup (1) of the radioactive waste in its former plant in Bukit …
    fabm.wordpress.com/2011/04/02/thorium-waste-in-bukit-merah – Cached
    Malaysia: Radiation Fears Fuel Protest — Global Issues
    … to expert testimony that the plant would be safe, but they were adamant that the thorium waste be shipped out. ‘The waste must not be stored here or anywhere in Malaysia .

  29. Comments to you Tracy.
    START LYNAS TODAY is of course important for Lynas.
    May I point out the obvious?
    Why do you suppose Lynas as the first bonefide Non-Chinese REE miner and manufacturer is getting all this trouble starting operations in the ROW?
    A breakthrough for Lynas, is a break for all other Non-Chinese REE miners/manufacturers too!
    Breaking free of Chinese REE and strategic stranglehold by Lynas, then other subsequent Non-Chinese REE providers serve the entire ROW REE community.
    So, Tracy, press on. In San Francisco and beyond. You are a hero to us whether we have Lynas shares or not!

  30. Thanks for going all in.
    We commend you.
    You help us all in the Non-Chinese REE world.
    I am all in with you!

  31. If we are fighting with “western marsh mallows”, then why is China: The World’s REE and Strategic Metals Monopolist, and Oligopolists is resisting Non-Chinese REE miners/manufacturers so hard?
    Remember we are at “relative peace time”?
    How much more are important are REEs and Strategic metals in a real “shooting war”?
    Just how close of friends are those 9 guys that run the Chinese war machine either this year or next year?
    Just why are the Chinese increasing their war department more than 10 percent every year?

  32. This time if they speak Mandarin, we shareholders with Lynas hit the 500,000,000,000 yes 500 Billion AUD jackpot!

  33. Forgive me Samilong?
    Could I ask you a question?
    Are you receiving direct payments from the Chinese?
    Or is the Chinese money being “laundered” before you get your cut?
    Nothing you are talking about here has any relevance to Lynas.

  34. Hans Hillestad
    What does any of this have to do with Lynas?
    I read this “very special” report about Lynas rare earth waste
    in road making .
    .that Malaysia highway authority will be interested too..
    Is this report for real ?
    Recycling of rare earth waste ready, says Lynas – Yahoo! News …
    Read ‘Recycling of rare earth waste ready, says Lynas’ on Yahoo! News Malaysia. … to reprocess water leach purification (WLP) residue into materials for road …
    my.news.yahoo.com/…waste-ready-says-lynas-113407037.html – Cached

  35. Oh Samliong,
    Just 2 more questions:
    1. Why won’t you answer who is paying you?
    2. Which party to the law suit do you belong?

  36. Hans Hillestad <
    You are Forgiven for accusing me as
    1 Chinese/China’s/rivalry Agent
    I am not receiving direct payments from the Chinese, answer your question ?
    2. Or is the Chinese money being “laundered” before you get your cut?
    Any cut from Mt Pass, Molycorp V/s Mt Weld .Lynas Corp ,
    certainly not ..
    Nothing you mentioned about me here has any relevance to Lynas/Molycorp/China’s rare earth .
    3 Lynas Corp is just a rare earth minimg company ..
    Lynas LAMP is just an UNCLEAR PILOT PROJECT ,
    (Lynas is not a NUCLEAR POWER PILOT )
    4 Why power up as rare earth processing unclear project plant ?
    5 Just keep digging your rare earth ore at Mt Weld,
    You will do better that Mt Pass , right ?
    Answer me Hans Hillestad !!

  37. Nevada George, who said getting into the same echelon with 600111 should be easy?
    Did you see 600111 had a 2:1 stock split today and declared a dividend to shareholders.
    600111 is up about 9 percent today after the share split. In China shares can only go up 10 % per day (that’s up 18 % on undivided shares)
    600111 sits at or near an all time high!
    So why do you suppose it should be easy for Lynas to join 600111, 600259, 000970 ?

  38. Agree.
    Politics is about money.
    Is Lynas going to sue RPK for defamation?
    What is your reply ?
    “According to what Najib’s people are claiming, Abdullah Badawi received almost RM500 million in ‘donations’ to approve this project, a project that so many countries such as China rejected.”
    Now that Bersih is over (part 2)

  39. Agree Start Lynas Today
    it is no nuclear for Lynas RE processing Plant ,,
    Can you give or do
    A rough calculation of thorium waste for me ?
    The half-life of thorium-232 is about 14 billion years. Two other isotopes of thorium, which can be significant in the environment, are thorium-230 and thorium-228 undergoes alpha decay …
    What will be the answer for this alpha emitter ?
    When Lynas LAMP Thorium source/dust failed to be deposited/retracted into its storage pool/water scrapper/ shield. The Lynas operator walks toward the source at a rate of 1 m/s, and, at a distance of 1 m from the source, he stops, looks at the exposed source for 15 s, realizes that the source/dust is not in the storage pool/shield and leaves at a rate of 2 m/s.
    What is his dose commitment from this exposure?
    This guide to help you to do a rough dose exposure sure
    the plant water scrapping system fail temporarily ..
    [1] Let Th232 is a point source
    [2] Let the distance operator walks toward the source = 5 meter
    [3] Th232 half-life = 14 billion years
    total exposure time = (5m)/(1m/s)+ 15s+ (5m)/(2m/s) = 22.5s
    [4] Let the source activity during exposure is constant (Exposure
    time is negligible with regard to source half-life)
    Then dose commitment = dose rate * exposure time
    [5] Dose rate of 10Ci Th232 point source at 1 meter (D1)
    = 113.47 mSv/hr/Sr = 42.55 mSv/s/Sr
    [6] Dose rate of 10Ci Th 232 point source at r meter (Dr)
    = D1 * r1^2 / r2^2
    = D1 / r2^2 (where r1 = 1 m & r2 ranging from 1 to 5 m).
    [7] Dose commitment along the distance r2 (Dc)
    Dc = Integral {D1/r^2} dt ( r change with t)
    but V=dr/dt , then dt = dr/ V (where V = velocity)
    Dc = Integral {D1/r^2/V} dr from 5 to 1
    = D1/V {- 1/r} from 5 to 1
    = D1/V (-0.2 + 1)
    Dc = 0.8 D1 / V
    [8] dose commitment at 1 meter for 15s = D1 * 15
    dose commitment during getting in = 0.8 * D1 / 1
    dose commitment during leaving out = 0.8 * D1 / 2
    [9] Total dose commitment = D1 (15 + 0.8 + 0.4) = 16.2 * 42.55
    = 689.31 mSv/Sr
    [10] Now, the dose commitment in units of mSv per steradian
    to make it in mSv we need to know the size of the operator
    as seen by the point source at 1 meter.
    If you cannot reply this comment ,
    then stop telling Lynas thorium waste is not radioactive ..
    don’t support/start any plant you have no knowledge

  40. May I say what is your background and who is paying you?
    Are you a representative of one of the groups being sued by Lynas?
    Are you paid in Yuan or Malaysian currency?
    Waiting for an answer?

  41. It finished limit up 10%.
    Anyhow, I guess you weren’t a math major. Up 9% after 2 for 1 share split would also be up 9% on undivided shares, not 18%. In any event, it went up a lot, eventually, limit up. I think http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/china/2012-05/04/c_131568673.htm is why. “Green technology companies led Friday’s rally following Vice Premier Li Keqiang’s statement that the country will spend a total of five trillion yuan between 2011 and 2015 on environmental protection.”

    7 May 2012, Monday
    8.30 am Registration
    9.00 am Welcoming Address
    by Professor Emeritus Dato’ Dr Zakri bin Abdul Hamid F.A.Sc.
    9.10 am Keynote Address –
    “The Supply and Demand for Rare Earths Now and in the Next 30 years”
    by Mr. Jack Lifton, Technology Metals Research
    10.00 am
    Paper Presentations
    Chairman: Datuk Ir. Hong Lee Pee F.A.Sc.
    10.30 am “Supply and Demand in Rare Earth and Human Resources Need”
    by Mr. Alastair Neill, Black Sea Metals
    11.00 am “The Processing and Re?ning Rare Earth in China”
    by Prof. Dr. Chun-Hua Yan, Peking University
    11.30 am “Thorium and Uranium Radiation Safety Measures and Regulation”
    by Mr. Christoph Wilhelm, Karlsruhr Institute of Technology
    12 noon “Experiences and Lessons Learnt from Asia Rare Earth Industries”
    by Dr. Meor Yuso? bin Meor Sulaiman, Malaysia Nuclear Agency
    12.30 pm LUNCH
    Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Academician Dato’ Ir. Lee Yee Cheong F.A.Sc.
    2.00 pm – 4.30 pm Topic: “Should Malaysia Invest in Rare Earths?”
    1. Mr. Jack Lifton (Con?rmed)
    2. Mr. Alaistair Neill (Con?rmed)
    3. Prof. Dr. Chun-Hua Yan (Con?rmed)
    4. Mr. Christoph Wilhelm (Con?rmed)
    5. Dr. Meor Yuso? bin Meor Sulaiman (Con?rmed)
    6. YB Fuziah Salleh (Invited)
    7. YB Che Rosli Che Mat (Invited)
    8. Mr. Pook Ah Lek, Sin Chew Jit Poh (Invited)
    9. Mr. Wong Tack, Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (Invited)

  43. Looks like the Lynas opposition is going for a long haul… SMSL is going for it:
    The bamboo curtain factor is only speculative – no solid evidence. If Lynas uses this and made a slip in court, we may find the bamboo curtain falling onto Lynas. Treading on thin ice unless we are sure.
    Hate to be persimistic but I’ve been working in Malaysia long enough to know it’s ain’t as simple. The Chinese in M’sia are mostly not that sweet on China. Last year some Chinese experts went to give a talk about RE and got totally rubbished by the locals:
    The country is going through the most politically volatile period since independence.

  44. Gee Hans, I give you 5 for your confidence in Lynas! It’s your money and you do what you like with it. I park mine using a different strategy. Experience taught me to go beyond company info to look at the other factors which shape share values.
    good luck!

  45. Compliments to Jack Lifton for the quote of the day at the Kuala Lumpur Conference 7 May 2012:
    “An international expert has declared the area surrounding Lynas Corporation’s rare earth plant in Gebeng safer than the area surrounding the street outside a hotel in downtown Kuala Lumpur.
    Jack Lifton, the founding principal of Technology Metals Research, was among the four panellists at an International Symposium on Rare Earths yesterday.”

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