The Graphene Photocatalyst Breakthrough

Graphite-Graphene-News-208DBack in July we briefly reported on a graphene announcement by researchers at the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology in Daejon, South Korea, and Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea, who demonstrated that graphene alone could become the basis for super-efficient photocatalyst in an artificial photosynthesis system. We rather under reported that achievement by some measure.

Basically, their achievement in using graphene to convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into formic acid, has big implications for fuel cell development and in the plastics  and pharmaceutical industries. If nothing else, they just might have found a new industrial use for all the waste carbon dioxide generated by industry. Best of all, converted by graphene and using free sunlight. Graphene will transform the 21st century.  More updates are expected from the same team.

A Photocatalyst–Enzyme Coupled Artificial Photosynthesis System for Solar Energy in Production of Formic Acid from CO2

The photocatalyst–enzyme coupled system for artificial photosynthesis process is one of the most promising methods of solar energy conversion for the synthesis of organic chemicals or fuel. Here we report the synthesis of a novel graphene-based visible light active photocatalyst which covalently bonded the chromophore, such as multianthraquinone substituted porphyrin with the chemically converted graphene as a photocatalyst of the artificial photosynthesis system for an efficient photosynthetic production of formic acid from CO2. The results not only show a benchmark example of the graphene-based material used as a photocatalyst in general artificial photosynthesis but also the benchmark example of the selective production system of solar chemicals/solar fuel directly from CO2.

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