Standard Graphite Confirms Graphite Trend discovers New Targets

UntitledStandard Graphite Corp. (‘Standard’, TSX VENTURE: SGH) is one of North America's main graphite exploration companies. Standard controls 12 graphite properties in proven graphite rich geological areas in Quebec and Ontario and the Company has launched an aggressive strategy in 2012, which has already yielded significant results. In early July, Standard published the results from an airborne geophysical survey flown over its Mousseau East property, noting that these coincided with the outline of the known mineralization. The survey has also identified targets in other sectors of the property where no historical work has been reported.

The surveys have helped to locate graphite conductors, which run along the historical Mousseau East resource, which has exposed an extension line towards the west. Standard will explore this very extension for resource expansion in a planned diamond drilling program. The survey also identified conductors beyond the known mineralization zone towards the east of Oat Lake; this is evidently good news for the Company, which now has good prospects to expand the historic resource along new and existing conductors. Standard acquired Mousseau East Property in Quebec last April. The property is located some 50 km from Timcal Canada Lac-des-Iles active Graphite Mine.

 Standard’s strategy in acquiring the Mousseau East property was to ease the preparation of a NI 43-101 resource through an upgrade of the historical non-compliant resource and with additional targeted exploration of the resource accelerating the path toward production. The property saw much work done by Graphicor, which explored it in the 1980’s and 1990’s allowing Standard to benefit from the previous work done at the property. Mousseau East is part of a wider, and aggressive, company strategy aimed at diversifying the prospecting areas, such that it does not have to rely on one project alone to secure an important find; it has a many possibilities. Standard is interested in targeting primarily open pit mines and in late march Standard announced the completion of an EM survey of its Black Donald property (located 140km. east of Ottawa, ON.) presenting conductors with patterns that similar to those featured at the Black Donald Mine, which produced highly pure large flake graphite from 1895 to 1950.

In view of projected demand for graphite from sources beyond China in the coming years, many more graphite mines will be needed. Based on the historical record, Standard expects to find additional areas with high potential for high purity large flake graphite (the type that is in highest demand). Graphite is going to promote the advancement of clean energy technology through new battery technology, super capacitors for wind turbines, and pebble bed nuclear reactors (among other things).

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The combination of tighter supplies from China (until recently supplying 70% of the market) presents an opportunity for emerging graphite producers such as Standard Graphite. Standard Graphite is becoming one of the major North American pure-play graphite exploration companies, controlling 100% interest in 13 graphite properties in both Quebec and Ontario.

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