Graphite Back in the Game: Leading the Charge – Standard Graphite (+18.18%), Flinders Resources (+13.33%) and Focus Graphite (+10.77%)

GraphiteBlog Week-in-ReviewGraphite & Graphene Week-in-Review — Last week the
average change in share price for GraphiteBlog sponsors was up 2.55% (between
close of market on Monday, August 20, 2012 and close of market on Friday,
August, 24, 2012). The share price of Standard Graphite Corp. (TSXV: SGH) led
the movers, up 18.18% without news this week.

Flinders Resources Ltd.’s (TSXV: FDR) share price increased
13.33% on news released on August 20, 2012, that “the back end of the Kringel
processing plant has been successfully restarted and production of graphite
from stockpiled material is underway.” Flinders Resources also reported that the
“entire supply (500 tonnes) of stockpiled material has been sold to German
customers and the first shipment is expected to occur in September” (read

Rounding out the top three movers for the week, the share
prices of Focus Graphite increased 10.77% on their announcement of a joint venture
with Grafoid Inc. (40% owned by Focus Graphite) and CVD Equipment Corporation.
Under the terms of the agreement, Grafoid will provide expertise to develop
unique intellectual properties in partnership with CVD including the
identification and feasibility for creating new combinations of graphene with
carbon nanotubes as a catalyst material. (read
). In Grafoid and CVD Equipment Corp. Join Forces
to develop Graphene based Material
(August 21, 2012), Editor Alessandro
Bruno writes, “Grafoid may well be on the shortest path to launching fully
scalable graphene, from graphite ore, to the market…the fact that CVD, which
has achieved record sales results in 2012, has chosen to work with Grafoid
represents an important acknowledgment of the research and work being done at
Grafoid to develop graphene technology.”

Did you read Graphene
Paper Batteries For EVs?
(August 22, 2012) – Editor Graeme Irvine writes, “…the
current generation of electric vehicles (EVs) are going over with a skeptical
public like the proverbial lead balloon…but latest research published by
Rensslaer Polytechnic Institute, brings hope that the Li-ion battery
limitations of EVs might be about to become a thing of the past for the next
generation of EVs, and just possibly with retro-fitting today’s existing range
of EV clunkers” (read

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2012-08-27 GraphiteBlog Week in Review

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  1. It’s good to see some positive market movement in this sector. There certainly is no shortage of research in this area and graphite’s potentail applications continue to grow.

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