Grafoid and CVD Equipment Corp. Join Forces to develop Graphene based Material

Grafoid and CVD Equipment Corp. Join Forces to develop Graphene based MaterialGrafoid Inc, 40% owned by Focus Graphite Inc. (‘Focus’, TSX-V: FMS; OTCQX: FCSMF; FSE: FKC) has announced that it has secured a one year, renewable, Joint Intellectual Property Development Agreement with New Jersey based CVD Equipment Corporation (‘CVD’, NASDAQ: CVV). The two companies have joined forces to develop a catalyst material combining graphene derivatives and carbon nano-tubes. Grafoid is a graphene research company on the leading edge of graphene development, including the quest for a commercially viable method to produce scale quantities of graphene, which is finding an ever larger range of applications.

Grafoid may well be on the shortest path to launching fully scalable graphene, from graphite ore, to the market. CVD designs and produces specialized equipment used for the manufacturing of special electronic components and coatings with a variety of applications in nano and solar technology. The fact that CVD, which has achieved record sales results in 2012, has chosen to work with Grafoid represents an important acknowledgment of the research and work being done at Grafoid to develop graphene technology. In particular, the Grafoid-CVD agreement demonstrates the viability of Grafoid’s efforts in the area of a scalable graphene mass manufacturing process. Grafoid has already passed a pilot scalability test and the Company is already able to produce raw graphene by the kilo.

Over the next six months, Grafoid will be setting up manufacturing facilities in Canada and the United States at first concentrating on the addressing the needs of the materials industry, mixing graphene with existing polymers to achieve much stronger and resistant plastics, ideally suited for the construction, engineering and aerospace applications. Grafoid is also working on direct graphene applications for batteries and superconductors. Grafoid will also announce, very shortly, the development of thin conductive papers and fine powders for SD printing. Grafoid holds graphene patents and licenses and it too works with a number of academic institutions and large corporations to develop graphene.

Several methods of producing graphene have been proposed and are currently being used to produce graphene powder. However, the available supplies are still reserved for experimental purposes; there is not enough supply to meet commercial demand. Some companies have recognized the enormous opportunity of developing mass production techniques for graphene. Grafoid, through ‘Focus Metals’ offers an opportunity to invest in a vertically integrated downstream graphite/graphene company, able to control the graphene process from the mining of the graphite to the final graphene powder and related polymers. Focus’s CEO, Gary Economo says that the Company’s Lac Knife deposit could be one of the most cost effective in the world, producing battery grade graphite at around USD$ 350/ton. As fascinating graphene applications are, the real excitement, at least in the early phase, is in the development of mass production of this new wonder material and the agreement with CVD brings this goal a step closer.

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  1. CVD can do everything from the ground up. They already make raw Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes, etc and are profiting from it, using their custom equipment. Their customers include IBM, GE, Universities, Governments, etc. Its possible they are the most advanced company in this arena.
    The key with Grafoid is that its part of Focus Metals which has the low priced high grade raw Graphite that CVD needs to reduce their costs and increase their quality going forward.
    CVD (ticker: CVV) is an amazing buy at this market valuation. Its a great way to get into the Graphene sector early. Companies will have to spend lots of money at CVD to scale up production. Most of CVD current rapid growth is just from lab and R/D departments. This is nothing compared to the potential growth from setting up and tooling mass production lines.
    CVD is just like Applied Materials in the early 90′s, before it climbed 1000′s of percent due to the growth of computer chips.

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