Technology metal tin is on the rise

Commodities have had been having a terrible time. U.S. farmers are seeing the lowest wheat prices in many years. Scotiabank in Toronto this week tells us potash prices are falling again (down to $315/tonne in July), and global potash shipments are expected to fall from 63 million tonnes in 2014 to under 58 million tonnes in 2015. Indeed, China is…

Russia plans to accelerate lithium production

inside Novosibirsk Plant of Chemical Concentrates
Amid the existing Western sanctions and the ban on the imports of high technologies to Russia, the Russian government plans to accelerate geological exploration of rare earth metals during the next several years According to Alexander Karpuzov, head of department of department of strategic planning of Rosgeologiya, Russia’s leading geological holding, which unites local state geological enterprises, in recent years…

Unravelling Tesla

I must confess I have been like a rock in the stream of the unending torrent of Tesla boosterism over recent years. I just sit and the flow of this material just washes over me and leaves me totally unmoved. What was a car company seems to have morphed into a battery manufacturer now. The appearance of a new marque…

REE trump card: being greener than China?

Search the Greenpeace site for “rare earths” and there are nil items*. Just as well for the rare earth industry. However, this oversight by the militant environmentalists has provided the non-China REE players a possible trump card before the environmentalists link Chinese REE product and pollution to the world's most popular tech gadgets: Western REE companies can say they are…

Lifton on why Molycorp failed.

What makes a successful mining venture? The answer is the bringing into production of a mine the products of which sell for a profit. It’s as simple as that. Yet when you look at the web site entry “about us” on almost any junior mining venture you are told only that this corporate officer or that director has top school…

Rare Earth Price Collapse Signals China’s Upcoming Economic Crisis

China has over the past few decades relied upon a gray “concrete economy”, such as real estate and infrastructure investment, and upon its manufacturing sector, to drive its extraordinary economic growth. But now, those usual economic stimuli have faltered in the country, with many local governments mired in debt. We tie that slowdown to the failure of Beijing’s rare earth…

Natasha Sharpe on bridging the capital needs between banks and distressed lenders

August 27, 2015 -- In a special InvestorIntel interview, Publisher Tracy Weslosky speaks with Natasha Sharpe CEO of Bridging Finance Inc. about present market challenges for companies seeking to secure capital needs through alternative or debt financing to avoid dilution. Natasha describes how it works at Bridging Finance, a company that is seeking to arrange financing for companies that are strong, growing, or…

Molycorp’s blow to the rare earth sector

And then there was one. Now Lynas Corp remains the only rare earth mine operating that is owned by a Western listed company. This after the news that Molycorp is placing its Mountain Pass rare earth mine on care and maintenance. In other words, it is mothballing America’s only rare earth mine. Who knows when it will ever re-open. This…

Slowdown of Chinese economy may pose threat to Russia

The slowdown of the Chinese economy may pose a serious threat to Russia and may result the cancellation of some long-term investment projects in the country, which are implemented with the participation of Chinese investors. Since the beginning of 2014 and the introduction of Western sanctions against Russia, the Russian government has started to consider China as the biggest trade…

Control of food means power for a few

Everyone talks about the prices of agricultural products, otherwise known as soft commodities, rather than the long-term supply and demand trends. Like their counterparts in the mineral sector, most soft commodity prices are just awful in terms of market support at the present time. There are one or two exceptions (whole milk powder prices jumped 19.1% last week, potash exploration…

Alkane Resources’ Ian Chalmers on becoming the global rare earth market cap leader

August 24, 2015 — Tracy Weslosky, Publisher of InvestorIntel congratulates Ian Chalmers, Managing Director of Alkane Resources Ltd. (ASX: ALK | OTCQX: ANLKY) on celebrating 29 years at Alkane as  they go head to head with Lynas Corp. for #1 market cap position in the global rare earth industry. Discussing rare earth prices, demand, and the race to production Ian describes…

Hemp drink sales at Seattle Hempfest marks an emerging trend

Abattis Bioceuticals’ (OTCQX: ATTBF | CSE: ATT) is making good on its promises to deploy innovative market applications in the cannabis industry. Abattis reported the sale of 10,000 500 ml bottles of hemp-infused drinking water as a result of its ongoing natural health product research and development efforts. The water was sold to Nana’s Secret Soda of Washington State by…

The Global Technology Metals Markets: A Conference Primer

InvestorIntel is starting a regular series of summits in Toronto beginning on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 designed to allow individuals as well as institutions to identify and highlight the metrics for investing in the production of natural resources. Speakers, company presentations, and panels will focus on the results of the application of those metrics in order to allow you, the listener, to…

Lifton on Chinese directed markets

My friends and colleagues have lately begun to ask me “Are the Chinese dumping rare earth surpluses in order to depress prices and retain control of the rare earths supply chain? The answer to this question that I propose seems to confuse most people. I tell them that the answer depends on what you mean by “the Chinese.” If, by…

Uranium, Marijuana and The Walking Dead

One of the recurring commentaries from market participants is that there are too many small public companies chasing the same investment dollars, whether from financings or in the secondary markets. Some of those companies are on financial life support, wasting limited resources better used by other members of the community. InvestorIntel's Global Analyst Christopher Ecclestone cites a Tony Simon study in a…

Restarting a Reactor in Japan

In 2011 the Fukushima nuclear power plant leaked as a result of a 9.0 earthquake, displacing roughly 160,000 people. Japan shuttered all of its reactors pending inspections and new safety requirements. Japan recovered from the atomic bombs of WWII to become a global economic powerhouse. Showing a similar resilient mindset, Japan will begin producing nuclear energy for the first time…

Levon Resources’ Ron Tremblay on the investment leap from mining to biotech

August 10, 2015 -- Tracy Weslosky, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of InvestorIntel speaks to Ron Tremblay, the CEO, President and Director for Levon Resources (TSX: LVN), about Levon’s investment in the new SciVac Therapeutics Inc. (TSX: VAC | OTCQX: SVACF). Levon, which has a poly-metallic flagship silver, gold, lead and zinc Cordero project in Mexico, discusses how the investment in Pershing…

Resource benefit sharing to address poverty in First Nations – just not enough.

We need effective mechanisms for sharing the benefits of natural resources to redress the extreme poverty of Canada’s aboriginals. This is a graffiti I photographed off a doorframe in the Pikangikum First Nation in Northwestern Ontario in 2001. Peering through the window of my hotel room, I saw dopy-eyed ten-year-old kids sniffing gasoline out of grocery bags. It was one…
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Critical Elements Corp.: IIROC Trading Halt

September 3, 2015 (Source: CNW) -- The following issues have been halted by IIROC: Company: CRITICAL ELEMENTS CORP TSX-Venture Symbol: CRE Reason: At the Request of the Company Pending News Halt Time (ET): 11:08 AM IIROC can make a decision…

Euro-Area Bonds Advance as ECB Increases QE Asset-Buying Limit

September 3, 2015 (Source: Bloomberg) -- Euro-area government bonds advanced after Mario Draghi said the European Central Bank raised the cap on the proportion of securities it’s able to purchase under its stimulus program. German 10-year bunds climbed for…

Theralase Expands Photo Dynamic Compound Pipeline

September 3, 2015 (Source: Accesswire) -- Theralase Technologies Inc. ("Theralase" or the "Company") (TSXV: TLT) (OTC: TLTFF), a leading biotechnology manufacturer focused on commercializing medical technologies to eliminate pain and destroy cancer, announced today that it has expanded its Photo Dynamic…

Technology metal tin is on the rise

Commodities have had been having a terrible time. U.S. farmers are seeing the lowest wheat prices in many years. Scotiabank in Toronto this week tells us potash prices are falling again (down to $315/tonne in July), and global potash…

China tightens trading rules on forex, stock markets

September 2, 2015 (Source: Reuters) -- China has announced tougher rules on trading stock index futures and foreign exchange derivatives as it seeks to steady jittery markets whose weakness has raised concern over the health of the world's second-largest…

Gold demand from China and India picks up

September 2, 2015 (Source: Financial Times) -- London’s gold market is showing tentative signs of increased demand for bullion from consumers in emerging markets, after the price of the precious metal fell to its lowest level in five years…

The rise of solar energy in SA

September 2, 2015 (Source: Independent Online) -- Near a massive iron ore mine in the Northern Cape, almost 320 000 photovoltaic panels mounted to track the sun cover the rust-coloured earth. Spanish developer Acciona SA built the 94-megawatt Sishen solar…

China loans Venezuela $5B to boost oil output

September 2, 2015 (Source: CNBC) -- Venezuela and China have signed a deal for a $5 billion loan designed to increase the OPEC country's oil production, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said. Maduro, speaking from China in a show broadcast on…

Seair Announces Issuance of Shares for Debt

September 1, 2015 (Source: Marketwired) -- Seair Inc. (TSX VENTURE:SDS) ("Seair" or the "Corporation") announces that, pursuant to shares for debt agreements with certain creditors of the Corporation (collectively the "Creditors") dated as of August 31, 2015, (collectively, the "Agreements") the…

Lynas CEO Digs In as Rare-Earth Prices Slump

September 1, 2015 (Source: WSJ) -- As rare-earths miner Molycorp Inc. looks to wind down production at its U.S. mine, Lynas Corp. Ltd., the only other producer outside of China, hopes to do the opposite and raise its output of…

Government Report Finds Economic Benefits of Oil Exports

September 1, 2015 (Source: WSJ) -- A long-awaited study by the Obama administration has concluded that lifting the nation’s four-decade ban on exports of U.S. oil wouldn’t raise American gasoline prices and could even help lower them, raising the stakes…

Scandium International Announces Annual General Meeting

September 1, 2015 (Source: Accesswire) -- Scandium International Mining Corp. (TSX:SCY) ("Scandium International" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that the 2015 Annual General Meeting of Stockholders ("AGM") is to be held on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 10:00…

Cost of solar energy seen falling sharply by 2020: IEA

September 1, 2015 (Source: Economic Times) -- Lifetime costs of power generation from renewables, in particular solar panels, are seen dropping by 2020, making them increasingly competitive against more established technologies, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Monday. The…

Gold Prices Higher as Possible Fed Rate Rise Seen Later

September 1, 2015 (Source: WSJ) -- Gold prices were higher on the London spot market Tuesday, as the potential timing of an impending U.S. interest rate raise continued to move into the long grass. Spot gold prices were up 0.7%…

Contagious Gaming Announces Quarterly Results for Q1 2015

September 1, 2015 (Source: Marketwired) -- NOT FOR DISSEMINATION IN THE US OR THROUGH US NEWSWIRE SERVICES Contagious Gaming Inc. (TSX VENTURE: CNS) ("Contagious Gaming" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the financial results for the three months ended June…
Technology Metals Market 2015
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