Seven technology metals that need watching — very closely

Only seven? Clearly there are more than that in the technology metals mix – after all, there are 17 rare earth elements, but today we deal with only one of those REE. But there are six other metals that will have technology stories to tell but are still [to some extent] waiting in the wings, yet ready to figure more…

Last week’s numbers had a lithium, graphite and copper lining

InvestorIntelReport (May 18-22, 2015): The numbers for our members this week are nearly even, down .81%, but there were outliers. No huge gains were to be expected after the news of Chinese amalgamation put a shadow on Technology Metals financing outside of China. The news continues to be positive for graphite and lithium stocks. It was also a good week for gold, base & precious metals. There were…

‘Innovation’ or ‘Revolutionary’ Rare Earths Technology Debate (Part 2)

I want to discuss new rare earths technologies as to whether they are innovative or revolutionary. I will be looking at three technologies that have been reported in the last year. Discarding low value rare earth product (namely cerium) early in the flow sheet so as to reduce the scale and complexity of downstream processing, particularly separation. Heap leaching of…

Berry on the Tesla-infused hype surrounding battery market

Lithium Ion Battery Cost Declines
Amid the Tesla-infused hype surrounding batteries a number of truths have become evident. First, battery costs are falling – fast. The overall cost of a lithium ion battery has fallen by over 90% since its commercial introduction in 1990 and the compound annual growth rate in the price decrease in recent years per kilowatt hour (kWh) is roughly 14%. Should…

Sometimes technology is about re-inventing the wheel

inca wheel
Technology has progressed from what was likely wooden tools to stuff that we've got on Mars full of magnets and radio waves.The kids that dreamed about the stars that grew up to put landers on other planets were probably the ones that held on to their dreams. At age four the brain dumps half it's mass.That's why kids have such…

Berry on graphite, lithium and the electric vehicle market revolution

May 21, 2015 — Chris Berry, co-editor of the Disruptive Discoveries Journal, founder of House Mountain Partners, LLC and Host for InvestorIntel in an interview with InvestorIntel Publisher Tracy Weslosky discusses the recent Tesla Motors Powerall battery announcement, and how it will increase demand for graphite, lithium, cobalt and copper. They also discuss the supply and demand for the electric…

Jacob Securities on the emerging North American cannabis market

May 20, 2015 - Khurram Malik, Clean Technology analyst with Jacobs Securities was interviewed by InvestorIntel publisher Tracy Weslosky, about the North American emerging market for medical cannabis. He explains how it has become a real market where companies can be valued by their cash flow and commercial prospects rather than just potential. He also explains some of the differences between…

Will China overshadow Elon?

InvestorIntelReport (May 8-15, 2015): The numbers for this week are better than last, but shakeups seem to be afoot. After April being "the best time to invest in rare earths," as Jack Lifton said, the numbers for the first week of May were nearly even, down .7%.  This was good though, since there weren't major corrections after April's average of…

Toronto Venture Exchange nears an ‘Event Horizon’

As the risk of perturbing the astrophysicists amongst InvestorIntel’s followers, it has struck me in recent times that the benighted Toronto Venture Exchange is nearing the event horizon of a black hole of its own creation, with potential effects for mining market participants that border on the unearthly.  The definition of the “event horizon” in astrophysics is useful as a…

GTA Resources’ got Gold

GTA Resources and Mining Inc. (GTA.V), announced good news today regarding their golden deposits in the historic gold mining regions of northern Ontario. They reported excellent progress for both their Ivanhoe and Northshore properties. They expect more definitive numbers in the next month, and an updated NI 43-101 report on Northshore. GTA's Ivanhoe claim includes the historic Joburke Mine which produced 500,000 tons at…

Technology Metals: The Forgotten Players

Brazil a future rare earth powerhouse? Poland a leading silver player anytime soon? India a forgotten graphite producer? And all that antimony in Bolivia! (And does anyone remember that large potash deposit lying under central Michigan?) A browse through the latest commodity reports compiled by the U.S. Geological Service is a timely reminder for many of the complexity of potential…

Theralase progresses to high purity anti-cancer drug: poised for human trials.

Those who signed up for Theralase Technologies Inc.’s (TSXV: TLT | OTCBB: TLTFF), news alert woke up to a pleasant surprise on May 12 as it reported successful manufacturing of its light-activated anti-cancer drug, TLD-1433 to high purity levels sufficient to enter Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), review by regulators. Pending Health Canada’s approval, the Company is ready to proceed to…

China is looking everywhere for rare earths outside of China?

China is looking everywhere for rare earth sources outside of China now that export quotas have been replaced with a new tax. The first possible agreement between a Chinese and a Canadian company has been announced. Pele Mountain Resources Inc. (TSXV: GEM | OTCQX: GOLDF), declared March 30th that they have a memorandum of understanding, (MOU) with Sheng Kang Ning Mining Investment Co. Ltd., (SKN). SKN…

Is the golden age of Technology Metals upon us?

InvestorIntelReport: Jack Lifton was right that April was the best time ever to invest in our sectors. Graphite & Graphene stocks lead the way up 24% on average, followed by Technology Metals stocks at 20%. The average for our Members is over 12%; eleven companies were up over 25%. The top five were all up over 50%. The top three were, Cobre Montana, who just…

Clausi updates us on his Financings, Takeovers and Confusion

The following are updates on my recent articles, which are all linked in for context and disclosures. Fission Uranium Corp. (TSCV:FCU) and the entire Athabasca Basin, from April 1, 2015. Still in play. Deals are being done, money is being raised, eyes are being set on prizes. Fission’s bought deal financing, originally announced at $15M, saw so much demand that…
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Last week’s numbers had a lithium, graphite and copper lining

InvestorIntelReport (May 18-22, 2015): The numbers for our members this week are nearly even, down .81%, but there were outliers. No huge gains were to be expected after the news of Chinese amalgamation put a shadow on Technology Metals financing outside of China. The…

BHP keeps faith in potash project despite long lead times

May 25, 2015 (Source: The Australian) -- BHP Billiton has defended its continued investment in the $15 billion ($19.2bn) Jansen project in Canada while acknowledging that first production of the food crop nutrient potash from the project would not occur…

Survey Says Australians Prefer Solar Power

May 25, 2015 (Source: Sputnik News) -- Solar power is considered the most efficient source of energy by an overwhelming majority of Australians, Ipsos research company stated Monday. Earlier in May, following months of negotiations, Australia's current government and the primary opposition party reached an agreement…

Paul Krugman: The Big Meh

May 25, 2015 (Source: New York Times) -- Remember Douglas Adams’s 1979 novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”? It began with some technology snark, dismissing Earth as a planet whose life-forms “are so amazingly primitive that they still…

Evolution Agrees to Pay $550 Million for Barrick Gold Mine

May 25, 2015 (Source: Bloomberg) -- Evolution Mining Ltd. agreed to pay $550 million for Barrick Gold Corp.’s Cowal mine in Australia’s New South Wales to add what it said is a “world-class” operation. The deal to buy the…

Graphene and diamonds prove a slippery combination

May 25, 2015 (Source: Argonne National Laboratory) -- Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have found a way to use tiny diamonds and graphene to give friction the slip, creating a new material combination that…

Scandium International To File Amended Technical Report

May 25, 2015 (Source: Accesswire) -- Scandium International Mining Inc. (TSX:SCY) ("Scandium International" or the "Company") announces that it will file an amended report on SEDAR titled "Amended Technical Report and Preliminary Economic Analysis on the Nyngan Scandium Project,…

Oil prices edge down as dollar strengthens

May 25, 2015 (Source: Reuters) -- Crude oil futures edged lower toward $65 a barrel as the dollar strengthened on Monday, with a public holiday in the United States and much of Europe keeping trading muted. Front-month Brent crude shed…

Can Elon Musk and Tesla save the mining industry?

May 25, 2015 (Source: The Telegraph) -- When it comes to investing in the future of commodities forget about resources such as iron ore and coal, which dominated the industrial economies of the old world order. The new currency for…

China getting panicky over U.S.-led Pacific trade deal

May 22, 2015 (Source: MarketWatch) -- The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal may be controversial in the U.S., but in China it appears to be the object of great worry and, in some respects, seems to be driving policy…

China, India likely to be biggest shareholders in AIIB

May 22, 2015 (Source: Reuters) -- China is likely to hold a 25-30 percent stake in the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) while India will be the second-biggest shareholder, delegates said on Friday after a three-day meeting of…

China approves China National Nuclear Power Corp flotation

May 22, 2015 (Source: Reuters) -- China approved the stock market flotation of China National Nuclear Power Corp (CNNPC), a unit of one of the country's two state nuclear reactor builders, the securities regulator said in a statement on…

Fed still seen in lift-off mode as Yellen takes center stage

May 22, 2015 (Source: Reuters) -- The U.S. Federal Reserve is likely to stick with plans to raise interest rates later this year, with progress towards its employment and inflation goals helping allay concerns over the economy's recent weakness,…

BlackBerry pitches buyback plan to purchase 12 million shares

May 22, 2015 (Source: CBC News) -- Waterloo-based smartphone maker BlackBerry will  buy back 12 million of its own shares, news that sent the company's stock up more than two per cent on Friday. BlackBerry, which has not repurchased any outstanding…

How to make continuous rolls of graphene

May 22, 2015 (Source: MIT) -- Graphene is a material with a host of potential applications, including in flexible light sources, solar panels that could be integrated into windows, and membranes to desalinate and purify water. But all these possible…

Ucore Comments on American Mineral Security Act of 2015

May 22, 2015 (Source: Marketwired) -- Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSX VENTURE:UCU)(OTCQX:UURAF) ("Ucore" or the "Company") is pleased to comment on recent hearings held in Washington, DC, by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources with respect to S.883 -…

Greece sees reforms deal with lenders in next 10 days

May 22, 2015 (Source: Reuters) -- Greece expects to reach a cash-for-reforms deal with its creditors in the next 10 days and aims to meet all its payments in June, the government's spokesman said on Friday, after the prime…

Oil Prices Lower Ahead of U.S. Drilling Data

May 22, 2015 (Source: WSJ) -- Oil prices were trading down on Friday ahead of closely watched U.S. oil drilling data. Brent crude for July delivery recently fell 0.2% to $66.39 a barrel on London’s ICE Futures exchange. On the…

Asia defense spending: New arms race in South China Sea

May 21, 2015 (Source: CNBC) -- The Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan are beefing up their military in the face of increasingly bold incursions in the region by China. But most of that spending is not going…

Maryland embraces solar power

May 21, 2015 (Source: Baltimore Sun) -- For too long, solar energy has primarily been available to Maryland residents who live in single-family homes with maximum sun exposure who can afford to pay for the installation of solar panels on…

WTO ruling prompts China to drop rare earths export quota

May 21, 2015 (Source: The Japan Times) -- China on Wednesday told the World Trade Organization that it had scrapped a quota system limiting exports of rare earth minerals after complaints by the U.S., EU and Japan. China told WTO…

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