The impact of ebola and oil wildcards on the global economy

Global economy: IMF points to fissures, downside and short-term risks Financial markets danced wildly in the first half of October as investors contemplated the importance of economic indicators and realized the global economy is showing signs of weakness. The IMF released its biannual World Economic Outlook in October pointing to downward revision in global economic growth for the second half…

Chinese authority launches new special campaign to fight illegal rare earths

Chinese top authority has vowed to severely punish malpractice in the mining, production and circulation of rare earths, amid fears of the country’s rare earth exports to lose control after implementation of World Trade Organization ruling in the next year. On October 11th, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released on its website a statement titled “Letter of…

Confidence of Lynas’s financiers to signal a more profitable change for the rare earths sector?

Malaysian Parliament Green Lights LAMP (Lynas Advanced Materials Processing Facility)
Lynas Corp (ASX: LYC) is developing one of the most prolific rare earth resources in the world at its Mount Weld property in Western Australia reported a 24%, year to year, sales increase in September for the First Quarter, as its Malaysian plant has finally reached full capacity. Moreover, the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) granted Lynas a Full Operating…

Wave of Gold Sector M&A Unlikely to Start in Africa

In looking at some recent articles on the gold sector, one topic frequently comes up-- M&A. I agree with most pundits that M&A will pick over time. However, we're far off from the imminent renaissance of gold M&A that some are forecasting. Off the top of my head, I can recall 6-7 deals recently announced or closed in 2014. Among…

Elcora Resources changes its name and focus on the Graphene revolution

October 15, 2014 -- Tracy Weslosky, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher for InvestorIntel interviews Dr. Ian Flint, VP of processing and Refining at Elcora Resources (TSXV: ERA), a world renowned expert on graphene, about the kind of graphite that is best suited to produce graphene. The main advantage of Elcora’s Sri Lankan graphite is that it comes out of the ground already…

Stans Energy can use the new geopolitical order in its quest for justice

shanghai sco
Stans Energy Corp. (TSXV: HRE | OTCQX: HREEF) announced that the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has issued an order prohibiting the Kyrgyz Republic and Kyrgyzaltyn JSC  “from selling, disposing, exchanging, assigning, transferring, pledging or encumbering 47,000,000 shares  in the capital of Centerra Gold Inc. (which is operating the Kumtor Gold Mine near Bishkek). Stans obtained the order as part…

Graphite Market Review: Mixed performance despite a lot of good news

Graphite Market Review — Of the graphite stocks InvestorIntel tracks, market performance was mixed, down 1.33% overall. The biggest winners for the week ended October 10, 2014 were; Energizer Resources Inc. (TSXV: EGZ) (OTCQX: ENZR), up 11.11% and 8.02%, respectively. Mason Graphite Inc. (TSXV: LLG) (OTCQX: MGPHF) up 7.81% and 10.71%, respectively on positive news, (see below). On the down…

The economics of Ebola

The World Heath Organization (WHO) has labeled the current Ebola outbreak a major epidemic if not the most significant health crisis of modern times. Without health funding, it has potential to become a significant economic crisis. The Ebola outbreak has now killed more than 4,000 people, according to the World Health Organization. Until now compared to HIV/AIDS or the Spanish…

Market Movers of the Week: Stria Lithium +16.67%, Energizer Resources +11.11% & Mason Graphite +10.71%

Did you catch the news Theralase Technologies Inc. put out last week about their partnership with SAFC in the manufacturing of anti-cancer drugs? Allow me to congratulate them for their ongoing efforts towards the elimination of pain, reduction of inflammation and dramatic acceleration of tissue healing in our planet as they averaged up the InvestorIntel biotech members to +0.45% for the week -- TSXV:…

The Ebola health crisis is shaking up the iron ore sector

Since last July, there have been rumors of a merger between the Australian mining group Rio Tinto and the Swiss metal trading giant Glencore, which has long wanted to secure a major position in the iron ore market. Glencore’s iron ore quest might well be linked to its attempts to increase business with China. Rio Tinto has rejected Glencore’s advances;…

Smart Wearable Electronics Systems (SWS) mark the beginning of yet another era in consumer electronics

The unveiling of the Apple Watch (NASDAQ: AAPL) in September marked a new era in consumer electronics. Apple isn’t the first vendor to come up with wearable electronics as for example Fitbit, but Apple’s market recognition and reach suggest wearable electronics are shifting well past the guaranteed enthusiasm of early adopters toward mainstream consumers, marking the beginning of yet another…

Solar companies make hay while sun shines on industry

In the past year I've become much more bullish on the prospects for distributed solar generation. Distributed simply means that the energy production, in this case solar energy, is produced at or near the place where it's consumed. Don't get me wrong, solar still enjoys some State and Federal kickbacks, but even without that help solar will definitely become competitive…

NexGen Energy proving to be an appetizing investment target

NexGen Energy Ltd. (‘NexGen’, TSXV: NXE) is a British Columbia based company involved in exploring and acquiring uranium projects in Canada and especially in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin, where it has 100% holdings and controlling interests in promising projects, one of which, the Radio Project, is immediately adjacent to Rio Tinto's Roughrider Deposit. Today, NexGen announced that it has signed an…

Sanctions against Russia ignore the real politik of the markets

The crisis in Ukraine, which started around last November, has intensified and exacerbated tensions between Russia and NATO to a degree unknown since the pre-Gorbachev Soviet Union.On September 30, The European Union decided to renew and add new sanctions against Russia, claiming that the peace plan in Ukraine has not yet been respected. Brussels had hinted that it would consider…

Addressing the silence surrounding the real global threat of climate change

Dr. Luc Duchesne
While environmental activists protested in100 cities around the world ahead of a United Nations climate summit set to take place in New York on September 23, 2014.  As I write this article the debate has commenced at the United Nations, a debate that has been nearly sidestepped by a telltale elite group: China, India, Russia and Canada, which collectively emit…

California’s plan to have one million EV’s on the roads by 2023 will be successful

By 1 January 2023, there will be at least a million electric private vehicles in California if a plan adopted by Governor Jerry Brown succeeds. Last week, Gov. Brown signed a law encouraging consumers to buy environmentally friendly cars just days ahead of the start of the UN Summit on Climate Change in New York. Brown considers environmental protection to…
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MIT Lab 3D Printed Programmable Self-Assembling Wood and Carbon Fiber

October 17, 2014 (Source: 3ders.org) -- Skylar Tibbits, an architect, designer and computer scientist presented a new concept in February 2013: 4D printing. This emerging technology will allow us to print objects that then reshape themselves or self-assemble over time.…

Gold Set to Post Weekly Gain on Uncertain U.S. Rate Outlook

October 17, 2014 (Source: Reuters) -- Gold inched down on Friday as shares rebounded, but was still set for a second straight weekly gain as concerns over the global economy have raised speculation the U.S. Federal Reserve could keep interest…

China Gold Output Growth to Slow to Less Than 1 pct by 2018-BMI

October 17, 2014 (Source: Reuters) -- Growth in gold mine output from number one producer China is set to slow significantly in coming years in the face of declining ore grades and waning profitability, analysts Business Monitor International said on…

IAEA: Lynas facility generates low radioactive waste

October 17, 2014 (Source: Yahoo News) -- The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts have concluded that the Lynas rare earth processing facility near Kuantan generates very low level radioactive waste. The conclusion was made by the IAEA expert…

Solar Cell Contacts From Tubes

October 17, 2014 (Source: Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme) -- Together with industrial partners MERCK, HERAEUS and ASYS, researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE have developed innovative new materials and contactless techniques for applying ultrafine, homogeneous contact…

China’s Central Bank to Inject More Funds Into Chinese Banks

October 17, 2014 (Source: WSJ) -- China’s central bank is planning to inject up to 200 billion yuan ($32.8 billion) into some 20 large national and regional banks, according to banking executives briefed on the matter, in another step aimed…

3D Printing App Shops Could Become as Big as Apple Stores

October 17, 2014 (Source: The Independent) -- Could you imagine downloading a door knob as easily as the new Angry Birds game? Or printing off a spare bicycle part you found online? It could become an everyday occurrence, according to…

Oil Rises Above $86 As Investors Say Market Oversold

October 17, 2014 (Source: Reuters) -- Brent crude oil rose above $86 a barrel on Friday, bouncing from near four-year lows as investors bought back into a market they said was oversold, and as fighting in Iraq increased political risk.…

Haldane Says ‘Gloomier’ Data Favor BOE Keeping Rates Low

October 17, 2014 (Source: Bloomberg) -- Bank of England Chief Economist Andrew Haldane said he’s less likely to vote for a rate increase than three months ago because recent data have made him “gloomier.” A downturn in global growth prospects…

Great Quest Announces 33% Financing and Operating Partner

October 17, 2014 (Source: Marketwired) -- Great Quest Fertilizer Ltd (TSX VENTURE: GQ)(FRANKFURT: GQM) ("Great Quest fertilizer ") is pleased to announce that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding ("MOU") with the Mali-based Société Africaine de Développement Agricole…

CF Industries, Yara Call Off Merger Talks

October 17, 2014 (Source: MarketWatch) -- CF Industries Holdings Inc. said its merger talks with Norway’s Yara International ASA to form the world’s largest nitrogen fertilizer company have ended after the companies couldn’t agree on terms. A deal would have…

Solar Power Leaders Back EPA Climate Rule

October 16, 2014 (Source: The Hill) -- Business leaders in the solar power industry have endorsed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s carbon rule proposal for power plants. The letter was organized by Environment America and included leaders from business group…

Falling oil prices could delay tax cuts, economists say

October 16, 2014 (Source: Reuters) -- The federal government will have to weigh the potential risks of sliding oil prices before it starts doling out large tax cuts in advance of next year's election, economists warn. Finance Minister Joe…

Oil Continues Slide on Signs of OPEC Discord

October 16, 2014 (Source: WSJ) -- U.S. oil prices briefly dropped below $80 a barrel Thursday on reports that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is unlikely to cut its production despite high global supplies and weak prices. Persian…
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